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Temat: CDACTION nr 140-176 +nr 137 i 178
... Moment of Silence, Watchmen the End is Nigh part 2, World of Goo 176:Pełne wersje:Drakensang: The Dark Eye PL, The Legend of Beowulf, BlackSite: Area 51, Deluxe Ski Jump 2 178:Pełne...

Temat: Joonas Janne Juhani Ikonen
Joonas Janne Juhani Ikonen Born: 8.3.1987 Kuopio Club: Puijon Hiihtoseura Height: 187 cm Weight: 68 kg Coach: Sami Leskinen Details : Before the season 2006-07: Training season spoiled by a stress ... a stress injury in his knee and was ordered to rest for four weeks. He spent that time at his summer cottage. - Now I have to catch up with jumping. ... 6., 14.12.2006 HS100 26., 15.12.2006 HS100 30., 16.12.2006 HS100 53. Finnish National Ski Jumping Championships - Kuopio 16.9. HS 100 joukkue 3., 17.9. HS 127 6. - Vuokatti 17.11.2006 HS 100 ... Ruka HS146 26.3.2006 6 2004-05: FIS Junior World Ski Championships - Rovaniemi 23.3.2005 HS 100 team 3, 25.3.2005 HS 100 1 FIS World Cup 79 - Kuopio FIN HS 127 9.3.2005 25 National Finnish Ski Jumping Championships - Lahti 4.2.2005 HS 97 7., 5.2.2005 HS 130 5 2004-05: FIS Junior World Ski Championships - Stryn NOR 7.2.2004 ski jumping normal hill 35....

Temat: Olli Juhani Harri
from Rovaniemi, who also likes to jump in the summer season. ”You can gain valuable experience from competitions and different hills at the FIS Summer GP, although you won’t succeed very well,” he says. I’m still quite satisfied with my own competitions last summer, because I was able to jump all jumps in every competition,” he tells. ”Next winter I’ll try to improve my overall level; the individual placings will then be determined after each competition. The World Championships in Ski Flying are, of course, my main goal,” Harri Olli assures. (15.10.2007) Personal longest jump 210,5m Planica SLO 25.3.2007 HS215. 2007-08: FIS summer Grand Prix - Hinterzarten GER 11.8.2007 HS108 team 2., 12.8.2007 HS108 16. - Courchevel FRA 14.8.2007 HS132 24. - Pragelato ITA ... National Championships - Lahti 15.9.2007 team 4., 16.9.2007 HS130 1. 2006-07: FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Sapporo JPN - 24.2. HS 134 2., 25.2. team 4., 3.3.2007 HS100 31. FIS World ... GER 5.8.2006 team 2., 6.8.2006 5. - Hakuba JPN 9.9.2006 10., 10.9.2006 29. - Klingenthal GER 30.9.2006 40. - Oberhof GER 3.10.2006 30. Finnish National Ski Jumping Championships - Lahti 14.2.2007 ... 13.3.2003 K90 4. FIS Junior World Championships, Sollefteå SWE - 7.2.2003 team 3. - 8.2.2003 K107 11. National Finnish Ski Jumping Championships - Kuopio 14.2.2003 K120 19., 15.2.2003 K90 12. 2001-02:...

Temat: David Belle
The Parkour is: 1 - a utility sport that serves you in first place, you move, climb, jump, you don't continue to be blocked by a wall or by an obstacle ... you more agile, you jump, recoup, roll, co-ordinate your movement as a monkey... agility... 4 - the work force that allow you to increase gradually your physical and psychological capacities to ... the will of progressive work in jump's with gap's, the more distant jump's. Your body must become accustomed gradually but it is a long work and difficult and, diminished the fears, ... acrobatics it has the base of trainings in the gymnasium and are also a base of the coordination of the movement of the body. To carry through a jump demonstrates that ... are going to federate the parkour of DB, to form instructors with 3 levels of formation with periods of training in France and events in the foreigner so that all and each one of us speak only about one and the same parkour 1Âż period of training will be in (dates not divulged) and only the formed people will be able to ... extreme, such as the person who makes ski out of the ski track. One will not try to stop that who wants to do parkour by himself, but if some accident...

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